First week as an Information Services Librarian: part 1

I had plan on making a daily post about my first week but then I thought better of it. This week has been a smorgasbord of information, by the time I get home my brain is on it’s last leg for the day. So I decided to put everything in one post or two if it gets to long.


So Monday I finally met my supervisor as she wasn’t in on my interview or hiring. The library was hiring for multiple positions and they wanted to be efficient so only the top three people in charge sat in on the interviews as suppose to 8+ people. Because the positions were similar, but different and in different locations you basically interviewed for all the positions but voiced your preference. Which is why I’m so happy to have landed by preferred position. So anyway Monday I went around and met everyone…it took us almost 2 hours to meet everyone. Usually I’m told, most people aren’t in the office to meet new people but I was just lucky because everyone was in their office. I was shown my office space which I share with one other person. I wish I had a picture to share but I left my camera in my sister’s car. Oh well. Then my supervisor started my orientation checklist, which took up the rest of the day. I did sit on the desk with her for a few hours. I had worked a public desk before, but each public desk is different.That day I worked the night shift because my supervisor usually works Monday nights and she wanted to make sure she worked with me my first day, I have a choice to take on a night shift myself. I’m not sure if I will though…


Tuesday saw me working through the orientation checklist some more with my supervisor. I stayed out on the desk for half the day as backup, mostly helping people on the computer and booking reservations for the computers. We are the only place that has research only computers in the system and we are the only place that you can reserve a computer ahead of time. So we do a lot of computer reservations, over the phone and in person. We finally got into talking about some of the duties I would be doing, such as supplies for the department. I have my own sections of dewey that I’m in charge of for collection development and maintenance, right now I have 000-399 and 750-799. This might change though. I’m kind of okay with these topics but I would love to get History and/or the art books. There was talk of making me the new Paratech for the department, which is the person who handles all the tech related issues before they are sent up to IT. I have to make sure I can’t fix the problem myself by doing simple to intermediate troubleshooting before I send a request up to IT. Which sounds like something I would find interesting. I also would go to regular meetings with IT and the other Paratechs and be trained on something new and report back to the department. I answered a call from a patron who wanted to suggest a specific technology she thought the library should have, so with the help of a coworker I sent that request upstairs. They are currently looking into it, because they think it’s a good idea but no one knows much about it.


Today I’m starting to become more comfortable with things. I’m still making my way through the orientation checklist (There’s a first day checklist, a first week checklist, and a departmental specific first week checklist). This morning I ran the POSH report, which is a report of books that are being requested from other branches from our stacks. I’ve heard of POSH reports in Sirsi from my friend, Jen Mincey, who works as a holds manager. So I ran the report and collected all the books, only three weren’t found and one had been on the list for a while and not been located. By the time I finished that the library had opened and I started helping people get on the computer and answer the phone. I then fulfilled some of my supplies duty by going to get some new forms for us, while checking in about getting my own set of keys. I also stopped and got a form so the library can pay for my NCLA conference registration next month. Which is neat, yay perks! We talked some more about procedures, which I have to read the procedure manual now. I also learned more about more duties. I’ll be in charge of Taxes, ordering and stocking the forms, getting familiar with the changes and all that jazz. I’m a little nervous about this duty as I’ve never done my own taxes but I’ll get groomed before being thrown to the wolves. There’s also a new committee that I’ll be getting on, Cultural Diversity, which I mean is so fitting. I got the new budget for the department, so I have to come up with an excel sheet that will help with tracking the supply budget. I’m also in charged of a program that meets every fourth Thursday, called Open Mike. And I’ll be working with a coworker to put on a book reading program for two local authors in October. I’m in charge of recycling and test booklet ordering. So a lot of things on my plate but you know what I feel so grown-up right now. In fact I took the responsibility to contact the patron from yesterday and let them know that I had passed the information along but asked if she could give me a bit more information about the technology and why she thought it would be worth the library investing. Woot adulthood!

So that’s it for the first half of my first week. The later half is going to be interesting I’m sure. And in case you are wondering I will be sticking with HPU part time. I was able to work out a new schedule so I’ll be able to archive my journey behind both a public and an academic desk. How exciting.


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