I hardly knew thee…

It’s 12:05…I turn and flick the last switch off, effectively ending my stint as an academic reference librarian. With a deep and heartfelt sigh I look over the now dark and silent room. A nod and a smirk and I’m on my way. 

This past Saturday was my last night at HPU. I had been going back and forth about staying on. As I said before I wanted to stay on in the position because I’ve enjoyed myself in both the academic world and the public and I thought I would be able to have the best of both worlds. But despite what that teen-bopper sings you can’t have the best of both worlds without having the worst. I realized that I wasn’t able to give both jobs 100% and the people who would suffer the most would be my patrons.

From what I’ve been able to see and from my own personal convictions a mark of a good librarian is that you care more about getting that information out to those who needed it. In the end I was just plain exhausted all the time, and I had no time for myself.

I’m so grateful for the brief opportunity I had there and it’s just one more thing I can tag on my life story.

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