Monthly Update: Februray 2012

Since our last meeting here’s what’s been up with me.

LSTA Grant

Since we got the word to go ahead with the full grant proposal, we’ve met with more of our community partners and I asked one of my old professors, Julie Hersberger to meet with us and offer up advice. She’s written some great articles about this very subject and was excited to work with us. We also conducted a survey, it involved me and some other librarians asking everyone who was in the building on a particular day a series of questions. We were able to get some great starting information and insight to what sort of services people would be interested in attending. The full grant proposal is due the 16th of February. I was in charged of writing up the survey result narrative and the programming budget. Now one of the assistant directors is pulling it all together. We’ve gotten some great letters of support from our community partners and some great feedback from local libraries. Its exciting to work on something this big and can potentially have a great impact on my community.

Money Smart Week

The last time I wrote about Money Smart Week I had one series of three financial seminars planned through out the month of April with a local Financial Services company, and two separate programs during that actual week of Money Smart Week. Now I’ve got about 20 different programs happening during the month of April, throughout the library system. It’s been great to work with the other librarians at the branches to hash out a great series of programs aimed at helping the community learn more about money. We’ve got something planned for all audiences; Investing, Estate Planning, Retirement Planning, Saving for College, Couponing, Selling on EBay, Kids and Money, Teens and Money, and so much more. I honestly can’t wait. This week I’ve devoted to working on flyers and other marketing items and I’m still looking for local business to donate some refreshments (or funds to help with refreshments). It’s somewhat nerve wrecking in planning programs, because you put a lot of work and energy into each one you do and you can only sit back and hope people will show up and enjoy.

It’s been a hectic weeks but I’m still plugging away and enjoying the work I’m doing.



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