Book Review 010

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Book: The Magician: Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel

Author: Michael Scott

Summary: In the second installment of Michael Scott’s Secret of Nicholas Flamel we find our group of heroes traveling the Parisian countryside, from the Eiffel tower to dark catacombs below the city the twins with their guardians leave their mark on the city of love. Back in the country he called his home for many years Nicholas Flamel is at a lost of whom to trust and who is out to get him. Dr. Dee is not far behind and reaches out to Niccolo Machiavelli, another immortal serving the Dark Lords. Nicholas Flamel knows he needs to get Josh’s powers awaken and somehow figure out how to keep them safe and help them save the human race. Perenelle has her own problems locked away on Alcatraz, and Josh and Sophie must come to terms with their new life.

My Thoughts: Book two continues on the trend of introducing the facts behind the myths and legends that most of us know from grade school. We meet some of the great legends all residing in Paris. The book reads with great pace, the beginning however was a bit slow, but picked up at the end. Josh and Sophie are starting to come in to their own, Sophie is having a hard time dealing with the power she now possess while Josh is ready and wanting to have the same power. In the first book I liked how Scott portrayed these teenagers, they were level-headed while being thrown into a centuries old war. He still does this in book two but adds more personality to these two characters, book one felt more like Nicholas Flemel’s story, with the addition of the twins; book two is showing that perhaps really this series is the twins’ story. This book’s climax is great but with series I’ve found that the followup to the climaxes are somewhat confusing and can be a let down, not with this series. Scott does a great job choosing when to end the current storyline.

I’m already gearing up for book three…


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