But it’s Free!

Money Smart Month has been in full swing for over two weeks now. But it’s not been a success. Well depending on how you look at it I guess. I’ve had three programs and total of three people have attended them. And in truth I’m at a lost.

I’ve done as much advertising as I could or thought of to do. I’ve made posters, flyers and postcards. Plastered the surrounding area and sent them out to branches and schools. I’ve posted stories on our website and Facebook and even got it mention in our monthly newspaper ad, in color. I honestly don’t know what more to do.

What’s really weird is that people are coming in lately asking for our section on personal finance management. I guess that’s a good thing, it’s just that they are asking for the gimmicky books; seven steps to easy wealth, free money they don’t want you to know, and how to be a millionaire fast without doing anything. Those kinds of books make me really upset. They were written with goal to make the author money not the reader. I try to promote these wonderful FREE seminars that are going on, dealing with the exact same topic, but no dice.

I guess people really don’t want to work for it. I knew it but I had hoped. I feel sorry for my speakers because they are taking time out of their schedules to help us out. I look back at conversations I have with family, friends, strangers and more often than not the words (or variations), “…in these economic troubling times”, are said. So a series of programs on money management doesn’t seem like it should be coming from left field. When it’s brought up to people they all agree with enthusiasm that they should come. Yet they don’t. Maybe the timing is wrong; perhaps they should happen later in the day. Maybe these programs are suited for the branches; being downtown we have less of a neighborhood feeling. Maybe the titles aren’t appealing enough, could be that my flyers aren’t eye catching.

Who knows, I’m going to go into the rest of the month hoping that the numbers get a bit better. But I’ll take these lessons to heart for next year. It kind of quickly got out of control with the magnitude of the number of programs maybe next year we’ll start off small. Live and learn.


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