Cross Training

Yesterday I attended an orientation for our Popular Library, this orientation brings about the end of a number of orientation sessions I’ve attended this past month. A while back our associate director felt the need for all the staff that service a public desk should be cross trained at each service desk in the main library. Afterwards each staff member would be charged with serving an hour twice a month to a different department, to be carried out throughout the year. The goal of this cross training is to encourage teamwork and camaraderie among all the different departments in the main library, for which there is five public desks total. At first I will not lie I was apprehensive of this plan and how it would all work out. Not because I didn’t care for the other departments, I’m all for getting experience in different places to break up the monotonous that comes with an office job. But I was already stressed out about Money Smart Week I couldn’t wrap my head around it.

I have truly enjoyed each orientation for each department. Even though I work here and lived in the town all my life, it’s amazing what sort of information is stored in this building. If you live in a place that has a multiple library system, I so urge you to check out the main library often. We are really the heart of the system and we have resources that our branches don’t.

I’m still quite nervous about serving on these desks, because I’m still getting to know my department. Thankfully I’m not exhibiting “the deer caught in headlights” look anymore when someone asks about non-profit help or investments. Although I suspect that look might come back when I’m down in the NC Room and someone wants help reconstructing a local event from 1874.

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