Bored Prankster?

Book Chaos

Book Chaos (Photo credit: Sharon Drummond)

For the past few weeks we have been plagued with a mischievous prankster. Throughout the day we would notice that books, sometimes whole handfuls and many times lone ones, would be out-of-place. They would be sitting on the shelves two rows down or up, or on the shelving unit directly across. And always in the reference section or at least it was more pronounced in the reference section because it’s normal for books to be askew elsewhere. I don’t think it would be so bothersome, after all it could just be people are using the books and just randomly placing them on shelves.

We wouldn’t think nothing of it except that we find small little pieces of wadded up paper on the floor throughout the reference section and by the tables too. These little pieces of paper end up being the barcodes, targets, call number stickers to the misplaced books. Sometimes they even take a pen and scribble out the library stamps. They go through all the notions of preparing the book to be stolen and then they leave it. It’s infuriating to say the least, especially for my supervisor.

This started happening after we noticed the art book theft, so I’m already sensitive to about people abusing the library, so needless to say I’m a little perturbed. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can really do about this mischievous prankster as we haven’t been able to catch them in the act, we can’t increase our security, nor can we have 24/7 armed guards stand watch which was my suggest.

I guess we can be glad for small things; they could be stealing the books.


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