Book Review 015

The Grimm Legacy by Polly Shulman

Book: The Grimm Legacy

Author: Polly Shulman

Summary: Elizabeth Rew is feeling lonely in her new home and school. With her father working more to pay for her step sisters’ college tuition and her best friend moving to California,  her closet confidant is a rag doll that once belonged to her late mother. After a particularly lonely day Elizabeth is offered a part-time job at a local repository. From that day on Elizabeth’s life is not the same. Getting to know her new coworkers is giving her spirits some lifting and is allowing her to learn and see new things, surrounded by objects from all over the world and throughout history. But there are whispers and a tension that is permeating through her new workplace. Everyone is talking about recent thefts attributed to an old page, yet are still occurring. And what is this Dungeon she keeps hearing about but yet no one will be straight with her about it? She’s warned to take care with a possible abnormally large bird stalking pages and patrons alike. But when she’s finally let in on the secret will it be too late for her?

My thoughts:First I found out about this book on while browsing Pinterest. And it was an instant “Must Read This Book!” moment. The description attached to the pin was this:

Have you ever wondered what they keep in the super special collections at libraries? Elizabeth Rew is about to find out. She takes an after school job as a page at the New York Circulating Material Repository, which houses a collection of objects ranging from plastic buttons to Marie Antoinette’s wig. But as Elizabeth becomes more comfortable at her new job she begins to see that there is something odd going on. Two of the previous pages left the Repository under suspicious circumstances…

I’ve always been attracted to special collections, the rarer the better. But even simple historical objects are a big thing to me. If objects could talk the stories they could tell. And who hasn’t ever thought about a super special collection hidden away behind a secret door in a library? I have, plenty of times, especially those old ornate libraries that have you thinking if you pull on the right lever or knock in the right place a swish and a swoosh will happen and before you will be an old passageway leading to great secrets. That’s the feeling Shulman tries to infuse into this story. It inspires great fantasies of what libraries could be or are. I find that this was indeed a great read, simple and sweet if you will. I started it and finished it one day, and it’s a decent size teen book. It just flows really well, and the writing is smooth. There’s action, romance, mystery, and suspense but none of them is overtly strong…they’re pretty balance resulting in a fun read. I think this will make a great addition to my library and I hear there is a sequel but yet I can’t find actual proof that it has been published. But I think young teens would enjoy this book, especially if they have a liking of libraries, history, mystery or all three.


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