2012 LSTA Grant Update

Remember back in January when I mention that I was on a committee writing for a L(ibrary)S(ervices)andT(echnology)A(ct) Grant, I think I might have mention that we had been approved to submit a full grant proposal and that we sent it off around the beginning of February. I learned a lot about writing a major grant which has helped me during the beginnings of writing another grant that I’m working on for my library (but that’s another post).

Since February we (the five of us on the committee) have been nervously waiting on a response. We were optimistically hopeful that we would get the grant, knowing that it was a sound and exciting proposal. But you never know with these things. So we waited, and to me it was endless. Sometimes I’m not a patient person…

Middle of May we got an email saying they would make their announcement around the middle of June. Which should have helped with the waiting but instead made it seem even longer.

This past week they announced that we had received the grant! Now it has to go before our county’s commissioner’s for approval. Exciting!


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