Diversity Research Grant Meeting #2

Today we met again to finalize the due dates for all the proposal parts. It was a semi productive meeting, originally I wanted to go ahead have the proposal written and ready to send to Dr. J to get her opinion on it but that didn’t happen. So instead we did as much as we could and then left. It was near 11pm and I was getting a headache after being in class and all.

We plan to have the whole thing written and sent to Dr. J by Monday, Tuesday at the latest.

There is one good thing that happened today we were able to finish the proposal for the Diversity Fair poster and plan on sending it in tomorrow.


Diversity Research Grant Meeting with Dr. J

Met with Dr. J today to discuss the grant proposal. She gave us some good tips on writing the abstract, keep under 200 words. And through out the narrative we needed to make sure we used the same terminology they used. Also we need to make note that we are graduate students but we are working with a professor who has done her share of research and publications.

After this meeting with Dr. J I feel much better about writing up this proposal. Now we just need to get writing on it.

ALA Diversity and Outreach Fair Meeting

Today was a busy day, I found my self in the reference department of Jackson trying to finish up some homework questions for both my catalog and reference classes. Then I met with fellow scholars so we could start working on the poster proposal for the diversity and outreach fair.

We opted to submit under the People of Color section and focus on diversity within the staff.

So far the working title is: The Benefits of Hiring a Ethnically and Culturally Diverse Library Staff.

Our thoughts behind this was that libraries user groups are growing and diversifying themselves and patrons have an innate need to see something of themselves reflected in the library staff in order to feel more comfortable.

We plan on doing some mini surveys and observations. I hope we get it.

Diversity Research Grant Brainstorming Meeting

Tonight after I got off work Kris and I met to start brainstorming on ideas about the grant proposal. Jennifer met with us because she asked if she could some how be included to have her name on it. We haven’t fully decided how we are going to include her, I think we are going to wait until we officially talk to Dr. J and ask her thoughts on it.

Today’s meeting was rather successful, we were able to get the justification and part of the methodology down. We also talked about how we could expand upon the original basic research, before we just did literature reviews (We got an A on it by the way) but with the grant we could expand to focus groups and surveys. Also interview some teen specialists in the process as well.

We also created a timeline for when we want to have the parts of the proposal completed. Next week we have the vitas for each author due and we scheduled to have another meeting as well.

Diversity Research Grant

Today I got an email about the American Library Association (ALA) Office for Diversity and the Diversity Research Grants Advisory Committee were seeking proposals for the Diversity Research Grant program. I decided that I wanted to submit a proposal to continue the research I started last semester in foundations. Instead of just looking at the literature I wanted to actually do some observation and surveying some subjects.

I ran the idea by my partner and she wanted to help as well. So I sent an email to Dr. J because she’s one of the main professors who advocate students getting published and such. She was all for it and willing to help and guide us is this process.

Our topic would be under Information Services and Collections for Diverse Children and Young Adults. We are titling it, A Study of the Contemporary Teen Reader: In Response to Reading and Library Usage.

The proposal is due April 30th. Which is when a lot of other things are due. Wish me luck.