Missed Lunch and a Trip Around the World

This is a couple of weeks past due but life happened.

April 16 was the UNCG LIS Alumni Luncheon. I was all set to go but as everyone knows the south has been plagued with severe storms this past month. And that Saturday was a really bad one. I live about 45 minutes away from Greensboro so while I was steadily trans-versing the highway the rain was pouring down in what I can only describe as sheets of glass. There were at least three different accidents I passed. Needless to say I arrived to the Luncheon about an hour and a half late and didn’t feel right coming in at that point, so I missed it. C’est la Vie! I’ll have to try even harder to make it to next year’s event, when I’ll be an actual Alumni. ^_^

The same day was UNCG’s International Festival. Since freshman year in undergrad I’ve tried to attend this festival every year. It’s a great chance to meet with the international students and be immersed in a global learning experience without dealing with TSA. Because of the hurricane happening outside they moved the festivities inside and it was rather crowded, but I still enjoyed myself.

My favorite tables were the Japanese table who were selling things for Japan Aid. The students behind the UK table were very informing and the Baltic state tables were interesting. Here are some shots I took:


ALA Conference Day Five

Tuesday was all about packing and heading back home. I must say that I’m a very big homebody  but I do love to travel and see new places. However I was glad to touch down in the Greensboro Airport Tuesday afternoon. This time my layover was in Atlanta and I was fortunate to be traveling with two other ACE Scholars instead of by myself.

When I got home I set about taking out all the goodies that I was able to get while walking the exhibit floor. Because my friend drove up to Washington I was able to send most of it with her in her trunk.

Here are a few shots of the books that I received.

Wait there’s more:

Now the question is how am I going to fit these on my lonely bookshelf. I do believe that’s a good enough excuse to get another one.

I also got some great bags as well, here are my favorite ones.

Over all I had a great time and it was great to have time to hang and conversate with other Scholars and Librarians. I will be sending out emails perhaps tomorrow to all the great contacts I was able to make.

ALA Conference Day Four

Monday I found myself attending a panel on Graphic Novels, a recent personal interest of mines. It was a great panel talk and even though it was in the exhibit hall the speakers were great and able to keep me interested. I’m glad to see that graphic novels are starting to gain popularity among librarians as a great tool for those who are looking for a non-traditional read. While they are normally longer than a comic they tend to read faster than a normal novel and they hold just as much information and intrest as one.

After walking the floor for a while I decided to take advantage of my time in Washington and do a bit of exploring outside of the convention center and that of the surrounding area of the hotel.

So I headed to Chinatown. It was fun to walk the small area and just be a tourist. This compact area that took up a couple of blocks was jammed packed with history and architectural details.

ALA Conference Day Three

Sunday was another early day we started in the convention center once again and decided to walk the exhibit floor looking at the vendors because we had yet to do so. I’ll get to that later. First I want to talk about the convention center…this place was super big and everywhere you looked there was great artwork showcase. In fact Washington, DC was pretty much the same, everywhere we went there was great architecture and artwork displayed proudly.

Installation right inside the convention center

But back to the exhibit hall, it was huge and filled with great vendors ready to talk about their even better products. I was able to attend some demonstrations about new products coming out that I would love to see implemented in a library I might work in one day. I also got a good number of books signed by wonderful authors. One I was extremely excited to meet for I had read his previous book series, Tony DiTerlizzi.

Such great architectural detail underground!

Sunday night we went to a dinner sponsored by APAL-A at an authentic Chinese Restaurant. There was a professional singer who gave two great renditions of Bollywood hits. The food kept coming and everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves. After the dinner a group of us decided to ride the Metro back to the hotel. It was great fun as it was my first time on the metro.

ALA Conference Day Two

Welcome to ALA 2010

Saturday started off quite nicely. My friend and I received a lift to the convention center where we sat in on one session about audiobooks and boys. The point was to show how by using audiobooks as a reading tool one can entice teen boys to read, or at the very least get interested in the written word.  After that we made our way to another session across the street at the Renaissance Hotel.

There we sat in on a session about PH.D programs in LIS. While I’m not thinking about doing a PH.D after I graduate, I would like to get one sometime in the future. Honestly I just need a break from school and I am ready to get in the professional world. After going back to the hotel to rest for a while, I got ready for the poster session I was co-presenting.

The poster session went really well. More people came to it then I thought, we were all the way in the back of the exhibit hall. One librarian even talked about a possible partnership with her system on the west coast.

ALA Conference Day One

On the way to my gate in the Detroit Airport.

My flight for Washington DC left at 6am in the morning, I was groggy and a little bit agitated having only gotten less than an hour of sleep the previous day. It was my second time flying and I was a little unsure of how to procede but somehow I managed to get from my home here to the hotel in Washington in one piece. Even with a layover in Detroit, MI and doing it all by myself.

So many fluffy pillows

I wish I had some pictures of the ride to the hotel but atlas I wasn’t able to get to my camera out in time. We stayed in one of the hotels that were considered inside of the conference block. It was within walking distance on a good day and only a few minutes on the shuttle.

Unfortunately because of some miscommunication we missed the registration period for Friday and thus I was unable to go to the session I had planned to attend. Instead we opted to walk around the surrounding block that day in search for food.

A little girl playing with the light installation

A lot of concrete but they infused trees up and down the sidewalk