Back to School Training

Yes it’s almost Halloween, and in fact the kids around my neck of the woods started Fall break today but it’s never too late to be introduced to certain databases. Tuesday I attended a training session encompassing some of the databases that we have that are good ones to know when it comes to helping students of all ages with their assignments. Dealing with academic research I’m kind of use to a good set of databases that are my go to, Academic Search Premier being the number one favorite. I liken it to Wal-mart when I introduce it to anyone (a good analogy I got from one of my librarian friends while doing my practicum), it’s got a little bit of everything you could possibly want but not much variety on any given topic. And then you have those subject specifics that are great for when you get stuck in the general databases, like ERIC and PsycINFO.  But sometimes those databases aren’t ideal for someone doing a 5th grade report on the planets.

I’m really glad I was able to work in this training into my schedule and that my supervisor encouraged me to go. We covered five sources in the training.

MAS Ultra-School Edition

Why: Recommend to High School or Junior College Level students seeking magazine articles or historical documents

What: Includes magazines, original historical documents, including The Bill of Rights, the Constitution, The Federalist Papers and the speeches of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Charts, tables, and graphs.

How: EBSCOhost search, can limit search to full text articles only, and sort by “date descending” for most recent .


Why: Recommend to students or adults seeking test preparation materials (SAT, PSAT, Algebra)

What: Includes test preparation for all age levels,eBooks and practice tests


Why: Recommend to students seeking information on countries or states (for all school levels)

What: Includes all of the information students need for their country report

Live Homework Help

Why: Recommend to students who need help with homework- free tutoring through chat

What: Provides tutor help online from 3pm to 11pm everyday

Gale Cengage Learning

Why: Great overall online encyclopedia.

What: Gale holdings will be growing exponentially for literary resources, to include short stories, novels, poetry, criticism.


The best part is that these sources are available 24/7 to our customers and most people in North Carolina. And if you aren’t in my neck of the woods call your public library today and ask if you have access to them. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind showing you how to get the most out of them.